Affordable Housing 101 - Informational Videos

If you've tuned into a Town of Kittery meeting in recent years, you've probably heard Town Staff, as well as Committee and community members discuss affordable housing.  Kittery and Maine as a whole, are in a housing crisis, which means there is a shortage of affordable housing options available to residents and workers of all ages. 

Want to learn the ins and outs of affordable housing?  Check out the the short, information videos videos from Local Housing Solutions Lab, NYU Furman Center.  This series answers basic questions about what affordable housing is, how it is created, and what cities, towns, and counties can do to address affordability challenges.

What is Affordable Housing?

How is Affordable Housing Created?

Check out additional videos below:

For more information and resources, please visit the Local Housing Solutions Lab - NYU Furman Center website by clicking here.