Taylor Building Committee

The Taylor Building Committee is responsible for conducting research and outreach to identify what the opportunities and concerns are related to the sale of the property. It will develop a request for proposals and oversee the process including reviewing proposals and recommending the most advantageous proposal to the Council based on criteria it establishes through its process.

The Taylor Building Committee is comprised as a group of nine, with two representatives from the Town Council, two representatives from the Library Board, and three residents. The remaining three seats will be filled by the Town Manager, Finance Director, and Director of Planning & Development. The resident members were selected from a pool of candidates that specifically appled to be on this committee. The Council and Library Board representatives also recommended the three residents for appointment by the Council.



Library Director

(207) 439-1553

Town Manager

(207) 475-1329

Director of Planning & Development

(207) 475-1307

Town Councilor

(207) 752-1313

Town Council Vice Chair




Roger Cole
Jan Lamont-Rodonets
Dianne Fallon