Harbormaster Updates and News 


Out of State Mooring Holders:
Out-of-state mooring holders and out-of-state boaters can access facilities, their boats and launch boats from facilities in Kittery under the following conditions.  Out-of-state mooring holders can access their boats, but must go to and from the parking lot, dock and their vessel only. Other than access to their boat on a mooring, out-of-state individuals must quarantine for 14 days or produce a COVID19 negative test no more than 72 hours old in accordance with the Governor’s order. Visitors from NH, VT, CT, NY and NJ are exempt.
Boat Launch Ramps:
For those using the Traip Academy and Pepperrell Cove Boat Launch Ramps: Kittery Schools will begin the planned re-opening as follows:
  • August 25: Phase 1 preparation begins for the school year
  • September 8: First Student Day
Parking at each location will be limited during the week.


The Kittery Port Authority and Kittery Harbormaster mission is to provide marine law enforcement, rescue and education services to boaters within the tidal waters of Kittery Maine. We are dedicated to delivering these services to the boating community with courtesy and professionalism. Our goal is to foster a safe boating environment by maintaining a high state of readiness and cultivating partnerships with fisherman, recreational boat owners, marina owners, and other marine law enforcement agencies on the Piscataqua River in order to make Kittery the safest boating waters in all of Maine.


Reminder that all moorings are required to be inspected by a diver approved by the Harbormaster as least every two years.  

If you are thinking of purchasing a new boat and putting it on your mooring, please remember, The Kittery Port Authority Rules and Regulations require Harbormaster approval if the boat is larger than your current boat. Please remember to reach out to me before making that purchase so we can find out if a larger boat will fit on your mooring. If you purchase a larger boat and did not have prior approval from the Harbormaster to put it on the mooring, the new vessel will NOT be allowed on your mooring until the research has been completed to ensure it will fit in the mooring field and that you have the proper mooring gear to hold it. We apologize if this seems unreasonable but as you know, nobody wants boats banging into each other and causing damage.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
John Brosnihan Harbormaster 207-332-2656
Chuck Moran Deputy Harbormaster (207) 703-4415