Freebie Barn

The Freebie Barn will be closed in December for maintenance and inventory. 

The Barn will reopen in January 2024, without donation themes. Hours will be dependent upon volunteer availability and announced soon. To sign up to be a Freebie Barn volunteer, click here or email Haley Mock at

Latest Updates at the Freebie Barn

During the last several months, we’ve been collecting data, talking to our volunteers and listening to YOU.  To build on the success of the Freebie Barn program, and continue providing this invaluable resource to the community, the Freebie Barn will be observing some new updates to its schedule and operation. 
See below for the full update including changes, expanded hours and more!

About the Freebie Barn

The goal of the Freebie Barn is to reduce the number of items being sent into the waste stream, instead of simply delaying them and offering residents options to reuse or repurpose items that still have useful life.  

In January 2023, the Town of Kittery, in collaboration with the Climate Adaptation Committee and Kittery Climate Action Now (KCAN) reopened the Freebie Barn Program with exciting improvements. Since it reopened with the incorporation of themed collections, Community Partners and a Community Swap, over 5,000 lbs has been donated and diverted from the waste stream.  But we’re not done yet!

What's New at the Freebie Barn?

  • The Freebie Barn will no longer follow monthly donation themes. Residents are welcome to donate items in good working condition, as space allows. All donations will be checked by our volunteers. Acceptability of donations is at the discretion of our volunteers. 
  • The Freebie Barn will continue utilizing local Community Partners to ensure items that still have useful life, can be repurposed or reused by those in need.
  • The Freebie Barn Community Swap will be discontinued at this time, and replaced with adjusted operating hours. (More on that below!)
  • Residents that are interested in donating items in response to specific local needs are also encouraged to explore the Community Resource Donation Guide.  The guide includes several local organizations that collect/repurpose items, in addition to what can be donated to the Freebie Barn.  

Freebie Barn Schedule

The Freebie Barn now observes extended hours on Wednesdays and open hours on the last Saturday of each month!
  • The Freebie Barn at the KRRF is open from 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM on Wednesdays and from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM on the last Saturday of the month.
    • Items within the given theme each month may be dropped off and/or claimed during Freebie Barn hours. 
      • KRRF staff will accept items outside of the monthly themes as space allows.
    • Items that have not been claimed at the end of each month may be donated to our Community Partners as needs arise.
Please note: the Freebie Barn’s hours will be dependent upon volunteer availability.

Volunteer at the Freebie Barn

The Town of Kittery is currently seeking green-minded volunteers to help run the Freebie Barn program.   

If you’re interested in volunteering to help run the new Freebie Barn program, please click here.

Freebie Barn Update Informational Flyer


Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Haley Mock 207-475-1311