About the Housing Committee

The Kittery Housing Committee will seek options to make Kittery more affordable by researching and advancing policies and initiatives that will result in an increase in affordable housing supply for a wide array of residents. The Committee will also recommend the use of the Housing Reserve Funds according to Title 3, and approved policies and procedures.

The Committee consists of one (1) Town Councilors, one representative from each of the following: Planning Board and Economic Development Committee; the Town Manager (or designee); two (2) representatives with affordable and/or market-rate housing development experience in the region, and (3) citizen members. Except if appointed as a representative of the Council, Planning Board, and Town employees, all members are appointed for three (3) year terms. The members representing housing development are not required to be citizens of Kittery.

The Committee may:

  • Assess annually the affordability of Kittery housing and identify trends and barriers to achieving a broad housing supply that is accessible to those whose income is at or below the median area income;
  • Develop recommendations and propose ordinances, policies, projects and objectives to increase the number of affordable housing units available in Kittery;
  • Propose policies, for adoption by the Town Council, for the appropriation of Housing Reserve Funds to support the creation, rehabilitation, and retention of affordable housing;
  • Recommend to the Council the allocation of housing reserve funds in accordance with the establishment of the fund and approved policies;
  • Provide education and information regarding the affordability of housing in Kittery; and
  • Collaborate with surrounding communities and the State on regional and statewide affordable housing efforts.