Facility Sticker Information & Online Application

Residents can obtain a Kittery Resource Recovery Facility Sticker via our online application.  Facility stickers are issued on an annual basis with an expiration date one year from the month of issuance.  For more information on Kittery permit decals for the Resource Recovery Facility, please refer to the Town code by clicking here.

Resource Recovery Sticker Information

To receive a sticker you will need:

  • Valid vehicle registration
  • If you do not currently have a vehicle registered in Kittery, you will need to provide proof of residency in Kittery.  Proof of residency can include: a utility bill, tax bill, lease agreement, bank statement or other documentation acceptable to the Town Clerk.

For questions about obtaining Resource Recovery Facility stickers please contact the Town Clerk's Office:

Resource Recovery Sticker Replacement Information

A new decal must be obtained whenever the one in use becomes defaced, lost or whenever the user's motor vehicle registration number is changed. A fee as set out in Appendix A will be charged for a replacement decal for the same motor vehicle registration, except there will be no charge when the applicant submits sufficient remnants of the old decal or proof that the loss was not due to the applicant's negligence.

Sticker Placement

Decals are to be affixed no higher than four inches from the bottom line of the driver's side of the windshield.