About the Kittery Police Department

About the Department

The Kittery Police Department currently has  22 full time patrol officers who are responsible for the safety and security of our community. Several of our officers take on additional responsibilities such as Special Response Team, Drug Recognition, Motor Officer, Bicycle Officer and more to enhance our department's ability to accomplish our mission.

Officers patrol a total area of approximately 75 square miles, 17.78 square miles of which is land and 57.52 square miles is water.  The town is crossed by Interstate 95, U.S. Route 1, Maine State Route 101, Maine State Route 103, and Maine State Route 236.

Kittery offers a variety of entertainment options for everyone, from our scenic beaches to our award winning restaurants and shopping outlets, where over 3.5 million visitors shop annually.  Although known for being a popular tourist destination, Kittery is also a working town. Several businesses and government employers, such as the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard are located in the Town of Kittery.

In 2014, The Town of Kittery was voted the #6th safest town in Maine.  Our officers take pride in this accomplishment and work hard to make the quality of life in Kittery as best as we can make it.

Our Communications Center

Our communications center handles all emergency and non-emergency calls for the Town of Kittery and the neighboring Town of Eliot, Maine. The center handles over 30,000 phone calls per year. Although this number is an estimate, the communications center does dispatch about 20,000 calls for service, which include traffic stops, offenses, criminal complaints, house checks, alarms and many other day to day activities. The communication specialists dispatch not only for police. They also dispatch the Fire Departments and ambulance services. The dispatch center is available to walk ins 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. Burn permits and yard sale permits can be issued at the dispatch window. In many cases, the communication staff is your first contact with the Kittery Police Department and stand ready to assist you with any situation.

Kittery Police Department History

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The Kittery Police Department Badge

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