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Town of Kittery Celebrates Black History Month - February 2024

The month of February is recognized as Black History Month, an annual observation and celebration of the achievements, culture, and history of African Americans throughout U.S. history.

Please see below for a variety of information, resources and opportunities to join your community members in celebrating Black History Month.

Rice Public Library
If you’re interested in learning more about Black History Month, please visit the Rice Public Library, located at 8 Wentworth Street in Kittery.  The library has a variety of related books on display which highlight notable African American figures, stories, and achievements.

The Rice Public Library will feature picture books by African American authors during Story Times taking place in February and have coloring pages available for children in honor of Black History Month.  For more information about the Rice Public Library and Story Time, please visit their website by clicking here. 

The Rice Public Library is also hosting a special presentation of “Maine Tuskegee Airman: A Son’s Perspective” on February 7, 2024 at 6:00 PM in the Community Room.

This event features longtime Kittery resident Bob Sheppard as he discusses his father’s legacy as a Tuskegee Airman and shines a light on the accomplishments and experiences of the all-black unit of the US Army Air Force. For more information on the event, please click here.

Town HallMural of handwritten dreams from community members

Visit the Kittery Town Hall, located at 200 Rogers Road in Kittery during the month of February and contribute to our “I Have a Dream” mural, in collaboration with the Rice Public Library. 

Write down a dream you have for yourself, for the Kittery Community or for the world and we’ll add it to the wall to share and inspire others.

Rock Rest

Learn about Kittery’s own Rock Rest; a rare place of comfort where Black travelers could feel welcome while traveling through Maine during the late 1940’s through the 1970’s. To learn more about Rock Rest, please click here.

Learn More

Looking for more ways to explore and participate in Black History Month?  We’ve got you covered!

  • Explore the information, resources and events that are part of the Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire by clicking here.
  • Celebrate Black History Month via the Smithsonian Museum with exhibits and resources that explore the theme of African Americans and the Arts by clicking here.
  • View a collaborative collection of photos, videos, and information that pays tribute to generations of African Americans in American society via the Library of Congress, National Archives, National Endowment for the Humanities and more by clicking here.

Information about celebrating Black History Month in Kittery with illustrated portraits of notable Black Americans

Kittery Town Council Tribal Flag Presentation - September 25, 2023
On Monday, September 25, 2023 the Kittery Town Council was presented with a Tribal flag from Denise and Paul Pouliot of the Cowasuck Band of the Pennacook-Abenaki People. At the meeting, the Council also adopted a land acknowledgment statement that will be incorporated into their meeting introduction moving forward.

Image of Kittery Town Council Accepting a Tribal Flag from the Cowasuck Band of the Pennacook Abenaki Peoples

Understanding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Kittery Survey - May 1, 2023

The “Understanding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Kittery'' survey is available now and the DEI Committee wants to hear from you!  This survey will help us understand how residents and those working in Kittery experience our community with respect to diversity, equity, and inclusion.  

  • To complete the English language survey, please click here.
  • To complete the Spanish language survey, please click here.
If additional language translation of the survey is needed, please contact Haley Mock at 207-475-1311 or  Paper copies of the survey will be available at the Kittery Town Hall, the Kittery Community Center and the Rice Public Library.

Abenaki Storytelling by Anne Jennison - March 22, 2023 | 6:00 PM | Rice Library

Anne Jennison’s Native American traditional storytelling performances mostly draw from Abenaki and other Northeast Woodlands stories – and often begins with a greeting song or friendship song, accompanied by her rattle or frame drum. Then Anne shares a few Abenaki storytelling traditions to place the stories in cultural context – and to teach listeners how to participate in the storytelling through the use of a call-and-response phrase. After that, listeners will be taken on a spell-binding and entertaining journey through a series of traditional Native American stories. Each story has a compelling narrative, but also some subtle – and some not so subtle–life lessons! Prepare for an interactive storytelling experience filled with humor, drama, and moments of wonder.

Understanding & Preventing Hate-Based Activity - A Community Event - October 3, 2022 & October 6, 2022

The Maine and New Hampshire Seacoast area have experienced increased hate-based activity in recent months.  In response to this increase, please join us for Understanding & Preventing Hate-Based Activity, an informative presentation and Q&A with area police departments and local community groups working to address hate-based activity.   This community event will be offered in-person on October 3, 2022 and online on October 6, 2022.
Understanding & Preventing Hate-Based Activity Kittery

"29 Mainers" Art Exhibit & Community Conversation - May 13, 2022

Artist, Erin Moore and the Mars Hill Group Founder, Jermaine Moore presented “29 Mainers” an original art exhibit and community conversation at the Kittery Community Center on May, 13, 2022.
29 Mainers Art Exhibit & Community Conversation Kittery

Art Exhibit Opening Reception at the Morgan Gallery

The “29 Mainers” art exhibit opening reception took place at the Kittery Community Center Morgan Gallery from 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM on May 13, 2022. 

Attendees of the reception had the opportunity to meet the artist and view her original art project, which she says was created from a desire to add black faces to the world of fine art portraiture, where they are vastly underrepresented.  The exhibit and opening reception were free and open to the public.  The event included light refreshments and music by Midnight Barbeque.

To learn more about artist Erin Moore, please click here.

Community Conversation in the Star Theatre

Directly following the exhibit opening reception, Jermaine Moore of the Mars Hill Group hosted a Community Conversation about diversity in the Kittery Community Center Star Theatre from 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM.

Using the “29 Mainers” artwork as a jumping off point, Moore explored the concept of representation and discussed the fundamentals of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Participants had the opportunity to expand their thinking and brainstorm pathways to creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community. 

To learn more about Jermaine Moore, please click here.

Town Council Statement - July 11, 2022

At their July 11, 2022 meeting, the Town Council held a Special Meeting to share their statement about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Kittery.

To watch the full video from the July 11, 2022 Town Council Special Meeting, please click here.

DEI Statement Kittery