Portsmouth Naval Shipyard “Mock-Up” Lane Closure at Bridge 2 - November 2, 2023

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard will have a “mock-up” lane closure at Bridge 2 on Thursday, November 2. Please expect traffic delays and plan accordingly. 
This lane closure is planned as a way to better understand the potential impact, both on and off the shipyard, when Bridge 2 maintenance work is performed later this fiscal year.
This lane closure will inform stakeholders of anticipated traffic conditions during morning and afternoon commuting hours to identify impacts and inform possible mitigation strategies for future bridge work.
The following gate operations will be in effect during this lane closure on Thursday, Nov. 2. (See maps for visuals of traffic patterns)
AM Pattern 11/2
PM Traffic Pattern
A.M. Conditions:
Gate 1: Inbound and Outbound Traffic
Gate 2: Inbound traffic ONLY (limited to one lane on the bridge)
P.M. Conditions:
Gate 1: Inbound and Outbound Traffic. Two-way traffic operation on the shipyard at Constitution Square traffic signals.
Note: This is a change to current afternoon traffic patterns. All outgoing traffic must use the outbound lane right of the yellow lines.
Gate 2: Outbound ONLY (limited to one lane on the bridge)
Thank you all for your patience and understanding.