Important Safety Updates - Route 1 Bypass Fire - Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Picture of a fire with the text "fire alert"

Update - 5:30 PM

Public safety crews continue to battle the ongoing fire on the Route 1 Bypass.  The public is advised to avoid the Route 1 Bypass until further notice, and stay away from the active scene.  Please remember that getting too close to the scene and interfering with the emergency response puts both the public and our crews in danger.

The Fire Department encourages those that live in neighborhoods directly around the fire to consider the following steps to mitigate the risk of further spread and injury:
  • Close home windows to protect those inside from possible smoke inhalation.
  • Remove flammable materials from your porch, yard and garage areas.
  • Avoid using power equipment or items that may create a spark and relocate any that are currently near dry grass.
  • Please consider hydrating yard/lawn areas to lower the risk of sparks and fire debris from catching and spreading the fire.

The Town of Kittery will continue to provide updates as they become available.

Update - 1:30 PM

Please be advised that traffic on the Route 1 Bypass has been shut down in all directions.  Please avoid the Bypass while crews continue to respond to the fire.

The Kittery Fire and Police Departments are actively responding to a fire at the Days Inn, located on the Rte 1 Bypass in Kittery. 

Please be advised that Rte 1 Bypass Southbound will be shutdown and all Southbound traffic will be rerouted to Ranger Drive.

It is dry and very windy today which presents dangerous fire conditions.  Our public safety crews are working very hard to respond to this incident, and we encourage the public to be mindful of those on the scene and give them plenty of room to do their jobs.