Looking to Help the Kittery Community? Here's How You Can Help!

Kittery Together Volunteer Form

Kittery is served by a number of organizations dedicated to supporting those most in need in our community.  These organizations provide vital programs and resources including food/meal assistance, transportation, medical care, case work, and more.  We are working together to make sure our most vulnerable are safe during the COVID-19 emergency. 

Kittery is a generous, caring community that has a knack for coming together in times of need. We understand that people are looking to help each other in meaningful ways during this emergency.  Whether you're interested in donating supplies, food items or volunteering your time, we've launched the Kittery Together Volunteer Form to get you started.

The Kittery Together Volunteer Form will help us make sure that offers of assistance are directly connected to the organizations most in need, in the quickest way possible.

To complete the form, please click here.

Kittery Together Volunteer Form