Sustainability & Resiliency Efforts in Kittery

Sustainability in Kittery

Regional Sustainability and Resilience Program

The Regional Sustainability and Resilience Program was established in 2019 when the towns of Kittery, Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Ogunquit, Wells, and York sought to create a regional program to support their individual sustainability and coastal resiliency efforts. Managed by the Southern Maine Planning and Development Commission (SMPDC), the two-year pilot program works to foster more sustainable and resilient communities by leveraging regional collaboration to enhance the effectiveness of local government action. 

The Program is guided by the Program Workplan, which lays out the program goals, pilot objectives, and timeline. 

Program Goals 

  • Collaboration: Create a collaborative network to share knowledge and coordinate efforts on sustainability and resiliency in Coastal York County 
  • Assessment: Assist with evaluation of climate change and coastal issues, priority needs for addressing impacts, and periodic progress on sustainability and resiliency initiatives  
  • Integration: Support communities with incorporating sustainability and resiliency into community operations, culture, planning and decision-making 
  • Action: Increase the community resilience of Costal York County by coordinating climate change mitigation and adaption planning and strategy implementation 

Recent Updates

EVs Arrive at Town Hall - April 27, 2021

Kittery EVs

Public Hearing for EV Lease Agreement - Town Council Meeting on April 12, 2021

Town Manager's Report - Town Council Meeting on February 22, 2021

Electronic Vehicle and Charging Station 

The Town has applied for a grant to install four Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at Town hall. The charging stations would be available for
public use. The Town is in the review phase with CMP which can result in a $16,000 grant for the installation costs. 

The administrative vehicle (Code Enforcement vehicle) needs to be replaced this year as well. The condition of the car is deteriorated and will not likely pass inspection again. The Town Manager is seeking to replace the vehicle with an EV. 

Town Manager's Report - Town Council Meeting on February 8, 2021

Regional Assessment

SMPDC has completed the regional assessment and issued a report that compares common strategies for success, common barriers and challenges and priorities.  The analysis identifies areas where we can share both resources and expertise to accomplish our objectives. 

The Town is also utilizing this collaborative to advance a community solar initiative that would gain the Town (and other partner towns) access to solar energy, generated by projects built elsewhere in Maine.  The agreements are at least cost neutral and often produce savings on electricity costs while supplying renewable energy.

  • To view Kittery's 2020 Sustainability and Coastal Resilience Assessment Report, please click here.
  • To view Regional Climate Assessment Report, please click here.

Other Resources and Information

To view the latest updates from the Town of Kittery Climate Adaptation Committee, along with its subcommittees, visit their pages here.
  • To view the "Toward a Sustainable Kittery" joint meeting with the Climate Adaptation Committee and Efficiency Maine, please click here.