Kittery Foreside Land Use, Parking, and Traffic Study

Kittery Foreside Study

November, 2018 Update 

As an important next step in the Kittery Foreside Land-Use, Parking and Traffic Study, the Town is seeking public input on the types of development and infrastructure desired to advance the findings of the Study and support the Foreside into the future via a short survey. This information will help us evaluate our Land Use Ordinances for the Foreside and plan for investment in the public infrastructure.

For results of the Foreside survery, please click here.

The full Kittery Foreside Land-Use, Parking and Traffic Study document can be found here.

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Foreside Land Use, Parking, and Transportation Study

Building on the momentum of the Foreside Forums, the Comprehensive Plan, and other studies, the Town of Kittery, with support from MaineDOT and the Kittery Area Comprehensive Transportation System (KACTS), is undertaking a Kittery Foreside Land Use, Parking, and Traffic Study. The goal of this Study is to determine a reasonable and palatable build-out scenario to use as a model to conclude what land use regulations, traffic patterns, bicycle and pedestrian accommodations, and parking resources are necessary to support and sustain future growth while not diminishing community character and residential qualities. The Town has retained TY Lin International and MRLD Landscape Architecture + Urbanism to work with the community to develop a vision for the future of the Foreside and then make specific mobility, urban design, and zoning recommendations to implement the desired type, scale, and distribution of growth.

The project involves a working group of residents and offers public engagement opportunities. Public opportunities include an "open house" and public forum, which give the public chances to engage in planning exercises and provide feedback to the Town and the project team on a range of issues including but not limited to parking, traffic, land use, open space, economic development, and community character.

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Traffic Study Public Forum 6/15/2017