Kittery 2015-2025 Comprehensive Plan

Thank YOU for your participation with the Comprehensive Plan 2015-2025.

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Kendra Amaral, Town Manager


A Hard copy is available for public view at Town Hall, Planning and Development Counter.

Summary of Comprehensive Plan Public Process

The Town of Kittery has taken several opportunities to reflect on its past development and determine a direction for the community's future through the comprehensive planning process. The Town completed this process as early as 1958 and has made updates to those findings and recommendations several times since. The most recent effort was a 2000 update to the Kittery Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2002. The effort continues with the most recent Comprehensive Plan Update (2015-2025).

The Town's Comprehensive Planning effort started in earnest early spring 2016, along side the Kittery Comprehensive Plan Update Committee.  An inventory and assessment of the town's resources was gathered and was presented at the first public forum on March 12th at the Star Theatre.  With public feedback and numerous meetings with Commitee members, department heads, and other stakeholders the Consultant prepared inventory and assessement reports and facilitated the second public forum in June to identify the town's vision and goals in the next 10 to 20 years. Based on this information including surveys and youth participation, goals and objectives were drafted and refined and form the basis for the draft implementation plan. These recommendations were reviewed at the final public forum November 3rd 2016. Please see Volume III:Summary of Public Input for more information about the public process.  In addition to undergoing the public forum process, the Comphrensive Plan drafts have been reviewed by the Town Council and Kittery Planning Board through a series of workshops.

Online Commuity Conversations

Videos from the public forums:

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