Our Core Values

To Residents
We owe the residents of our hometown the highest quality of service possible.  This is accomplished by being responsive and with a high level of integrity and professionalism.  The residents and visitors of Kittery are considered our friends who deserve the best possible care and respect and the lowest possible cost.

To Fire Department
We owe our fellow fire firefighters our full commitment and dedication.  We recognize our fellow firefighters as Kittery’s most valuable resource and through teamwork, training and professionalism remain committed to them, their families and their safety.

To Each Other
We owe to each other trust and respect, ensuring open and honest communications at all levels, and providing assistance when in need.  We recognize our personal conduct is inseparable from our professional reputation of our Department.

To Ourselves
We owe ourselves personal and professional growth.  We do this through training, seeking new knowledge and greater challenges, and striving to remain at the leading edge with our firefighting, skills and abilities.  We are a team oriented organization with mutual trust and respect for ourselves and our fellow firefighters.