Health Officer

Health Inspection Program
Public eateries and lodging places are required to address food safety and security, and environmental sanitation to prevent food borne illness and the spread of infectious disease. Body artists working in tattoo parlors must provide proper facilities, equipment, and procedures to assure compliance with health regulations to prevent the transmission of certain infectious diseases. Such services have a wide impact in protecting the health of individuals and the health of the community’s businesses and environment. Establishments are required to apply for licenses and approvals and submit to periodic inspections by the Health Officer.

The Health Inspection Program in the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) assists licensees with technical and administrative assistance, and provides licensing and inspection data to the public and stakeholders upon request. For more informatin contact:


Infectious Diseases
The Maine CDC provides notification to residents about relevant infectious and vector-borne diseases or other health-related matters.

This list will be updated as new information is provided to the Health Officer, Craig Alfis.

Bed Bugs

Carbon Monoxide

Drinking Water Testing

Head Lice

Lead Poisoning

Lyme Disease



Vector-borne Disease