Addressing Officer

Addressing Officers

  • Paul McKenney, Contract Assessor
  • Michelle McDonald, Contract Assessor 

Kittery's Assessors, Paul McKenney and Michelle McDonald, have been designated as Addressing Officers (AOs) for the Town of Kittery by the Town Manager. An AO is authorized to approve and provide addressing information to the Emergency Services Communications Bureau for Enhanced 911 purposes. The rule making authority for the Emergency Services Communications Bureau can be found in 25 MRSA §2926.

  • Go Here for Maine Emergency Communications Bureau information.
  • If you have been assigned a new 911 physical address and would like to use it as your USPS mailing address, please contact the Post Office: Kittery 439-2018 and Kittery Point 439-4353.
  • To add or correct your address in GPS devices, apps, or maps please visit
  • For the street name directory go here.
  • If you have recently been assigned a new street number or have questions about 911 street addressing in Kittery, please see the attached documents for reference.

Have questions about your street number? Please contact Paul or Michelle at 475-1306.