Adopt a Road Program

Get to know the Kittery Conservation Commission's Adopt-A-Road Program

News & Announcements:

The Adopt A Road Committee recently updated the Safety Checklist.  To view the checklist, click the Safety Checklist tab on the left side of the screen, or download it here.  The Adopt a Road team has posted a Spring 2019 Update.  To read the update, visit the News & Announcements by clicking here.

A Little History

The Adopt-A-Road program was established by the Kittery Conservation Commission (KCC) and endorsed by the Kittery Town Council in 1997.  It is designed to allow private citizens and groups an opportunity to support Kittery's anti-litter efforts by adopting a section of a Town road or street within Town boundaries.  The Conservation Commission also encourages the recycling of appropriate items that volunteers collect.

Our Gratitude

When it comes to the Adopt-A-Road program, there are so many reasons to be thankful.  The Kittery Conservation Commission truly values its volunteers for their commitment to such a beneficial program.  The KCC is also grateful for the many years that Susan Emery and Janet Gourley led and nurtured the Adopt-A-Road program.  The warmest appreciation goes out to everyone who has contributed to this endeavor thus far, and we know there's more to come!

What's Next

As with all programs, periodic review is something that keeps the Adopt-A-Road program strong and healthy.  As part of its charter, the KCC is assessing the Adopt-A-Road program to identify any opportunities for growth and improvement.  There may be areas where technology or processes can be updated, and that evolution is something that's welcomed in order to achieve the KCC's ultimate goal of a vibrant and volunteer-friendly program.

Do you have suggestions?  The Adopt-A-Road program wants to hear them! While we're not looking to change the processes currently in place, we want to make ourselves readily available with simple, quick and easy procedures.   After all, our volunteers are the ones out in the heat, cold, wind and rain, contributing their time for our town.  Many volunteers have been with the program for some time now, and that commitment is something that's sincerely valued.  

How To Get Involved

Volunteers agree to work their roads 3 times per year; while some commit to even more.  April or May are great times to check on roads, after the snow has melted and before the vegetation sprouts.  Whether it's a refresher on the safety checklist, a need for safety equipment like cones or a vest or you just happen to know someone who might like to become a new adopter, please let us know how we can help you!  For questions about becoming a volunteer, or more information about the program, please contact us at

Over time, Adopt-A-Road signs may need a facelift due to fading or simple wear-and-tear.  Please let us know if your sign needs to be replaced or re-positioned.  You can reach us at