Town Charter & Code

Town Charter

* Editor’s note:  The charter of the town as enacted by Private and Special Laws, Chapter 66 of 1967, as amended from time to time, is set out herein. Amendments to the charter are cited in parentheses following the section amended. The absence of such a citation indicates that the provision has not been amended and is as originally enacted.

I. Grant of Powers to the Town
II. Town Council
III. Town Manager
IV. Department of Education
V. Administrative Departments
VI. Financial Procedures
VII.Tax Administration
VIII. Planning
IX. Port Authority
X. Nominations and Elections
XI. Initiative and Referendum
XII. General Provisions
XIII. Transitional Provisions
XIV. Town Meeting

Town Code

Title 1 Code Adoption thru 7/26/10
Title 2 Administration and Personnel thru 2/22/17
Title 3 Revenue and Finance thru 11/10/14
Title 4 Boards, Commissions & Committees thru 12/14/15
Title 5 Business Licenses and Regulations thru 4/27/15
Title 6 Animals thru 7/26/10
Title 7 Cable Television thru 7/25/11
Title 8 Health and Safety thru 7/11/11
Title 9 Public Peace, Morals and Welfare thru 7/26/10
Title 10 Vehicles and Traffic thru 10/23/17
Title 11 General Assistance thru 9/12/16
Title 11 Appendices A-I thru 9/11/17
Title 12 Streets, Sidewalks and Public Places thru 10/23/17
Title 13 Public Services thru 8/15/16
Title 14 Reserved
Title 15 Repealed 9/26/11
Title 16 Land Use Code thru 7/24/17
Appendix A - Fee Schedules thru 8/8/16
Cross Reference Table
Design and Construction Standards for Streets
Ordinance List and Disposition Table
Town Code Alpha Index
Statutory References for Maine Municipalities