Tax Assessor

Tax Rate:$16.50 per thousand
Due Dates:

October 31, 2017


February 15, 2018


May 31, 2018

Fiscal Year:July 1, 2017- June 30, 2018
Assessment Date:April 1, 2017
Commitment Date:September 11, 2017
Assessment Ratio:90%
Abatment App. DeadlineMarch 15, 2018

Duties and Responsibilities
The Tax Assessor's office is responsible for determining a value for every property located in the town, both real and personal property. Among other duties, this office is responsible for updating and maintaining tax maps, administering tax exemptions, maintaining accurate records of property ownership, and answering assessing questions.

Located in the development department is a public files room which keeps records of all property tax cards, tax maps, sale transfers, and the current commitment report for public access during open business hours.  Applications for all Current Land Use Programs and Tax Exemptions are available upon request. There is a coin operated copier which may be used by the public.  Deeds are available upon request for a fee.

Questions relating to payment of property taxes should be directed to Jan Fisk, 475-1316.


Maine law provides the taxable status of all real estate in the State of Maine to be established as of April 1 of each year.

If you were the owner of record on April 1, you will receive the current year's tax bill. Please forward the tax bill to the new owner if you sold your property after April 1 of the current year.

Proration of taxes between the buyer and seller does not involve the municipality. Although monies may be collected for taxes at closing they may not be paid to the municipality.

If you purchased the property after April 1 of the current year please contact Jan Fisk, 475-1316 to inquire about taxes due and tax due dates.

Tax Due Dates

InstallmentBill Due Date
1st InstallmentOctober 31
2nd InstallmentFebruary 15
3rd InstallmentMay 31


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Paul McKenney Town Contract Assessor (207) 475-1306