Future of Rice Public Library

Kittery Library Committee

Update 7/19/18: 

The Rice Library Building and Taylor Building Committees have been formed.  Please refer to the Town Hall calendar for upcoming meeting dates.

  • For more information on the Rice Library Building Committee, please visit the Committee page found here.
  • For more information on the Taylor Building Committee, please visit the Committee page found here.

Update 4/11/2018: Library Committee Applications

The Library Committee application process is now closed.

Update 10/23/2017:

A Library Working Group Information Session was held on October 16th at the Traip Academy Library.  The public meeting is available to view in its entireity here.

Update 10/1/2017:

The Rice Library Working Group has completed a number of workshops and the public survey.  The results of the progress and outcomes is attached.  In general, the respondents were supportive of developing a plan for the future of the library.  However, no option emerged as the clear preference.  The Working Group sought and the Town Council approved a non-binding ballot referendum for the November election that includes both Option 2 and Option 3.

What is The Rice Library Working Group (RLWG)?

The Rice Library Working Group (RLWG) formed out of a belief that broad resident participation was crucial to resolving the debate over Rice Public Library’s future. While representing key stakeholder groups, RLWG has no formal charge from those groups. 

We identified gaining broad resident support for the Library’s location as the first step toward resolution. It recognized that some might wish the Library to continue just as it is now (Option 1); others might want to preserve the historic Rice building as the Town library while modernizing and adding to it (Option 2); still others might see Rice on the Kittery Community Center campus (Option 3); and finally, some might have location ideas not yet considered.

It is not possible to develop answers to all the related questions for each option.  For that reason, we need to focus in on the preferred location option.

The Rice Library Working Group includes:

  • Bill Tredwell and George Dow of the Rice Library Board of Directors
  • Jeffrey Pelletier and Judith Spiller of the Kittery Town Council
  • Steve Workman of the Kittery Community Center Board of Directors
  • D. Allan Kerr and Russell White serving as Kittery citizens at-large
  • Lee Perkins Rice Library Director
  • Janice Grady, Recreation and Kittery Community Center Director
  • Kendra Amaral, Town Manager

For more information contact the Office of the Town Manager at 207-475-1329 or at kamaral@kitteryme.org.