To Flush or Not to Flush - Important Information from the Kittery Sewer Department

Product Flushing Info Kittery

During times like these, when wiping surfaces and disinfecting is so important, the Kittery Sewer Department would like to remind residents not to flush anything other than toilet tissue in their toilets.

Sanitizing wipes, paper towels, and baby wipes do not dissolve like toilet tissue, and instead, cause blockages and back-ups in homes and the Town’s sewer system.  

Even wipes labeled “flushable” can wreak havoc when flushed, and should be thrown away in the trash.  Items like these can get snagged in pipes, and keep pumps from working properly. Blockages in these pipes can cause overflow in homes, as well as causing damage to equipment in the treatment plant.

So what’s the rule of thumb?  Anything other than toilet tissue, will give you an issue. #BowlGoals