Fort Foster Rules and Regulations
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( ) indicates when policy/regulation went into effect

1. Gate attendants will open the park on weekends in May before Memorial Day and
September after Labor Day from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. or sunset, whichever is
earlier. (9/3/97)
2. The park will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., seven days a week from
Memorial Day to Labor Day. (9/3/97)
3. There shall be no persons permitted except for authorized personnel within the
park from sunset to sunrise. (9/3/97)
4. Pedestrian/foot traffic will be allowed from sunrise to sunset from October 1
to April 30 and weekdays in May before Memorial Day and in September after
Labor Day. During these off season times the park is closed to unauthorized
vehicular traffic including motorcycles, snowmobiles and all terrain vehicles.
(11/25/85), (9/3/97)

1. The vehicular speed limit within the confines of the park is 5 M.P.H. (9/3/97)
2. Littering is prohibited as provided by Chapter 8, Section 8.04.07 of the Kittery
Town Code and users of the park must take their trash with them when they leave
the park. (5/29/91), (9/3/97)
3. Fires are permitted only in grills or pits designed for cooking uses. (6/9/97),
4. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited by State statute. (prior to '81)
5. Vehicles are permitted only on access roads and must park in designated parking
areas. (9/3/97)
6. The Kittery Park Division and its employees are not responsible for lost or stolen
property. (9/3/97)
7. Lifeguards are not provided and due to strong tidal currents, there is no swimming
or diving allowed from the pier.
8. Non-motorized, windsurfers, sea kayaks and canoes are to be launched only from
the area referred to as “Windsurfer’s Beach.” Such watercraft may be brought in
on car-tops or trailers. If trailers are used, the trailer must be parked in the Upper
Parking Lot after the visitor has dropped off their watercraft at Windsurfer’s
Beach. Commercial tours involving non-motorized watercraft (e.g., sea kayak
tours) are not allowed to launch within Fort Foster. (8/23/04)
9. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times. Owners will be asked to leave the park
if their dog is not under control. (9/3/97)
10. A "pooper scooper" rule is in effect for dogs. Owners must take their dog waste
with them when they leave the park. (6/9/97), (9/3/97)
11. Dogs are prohibited from Pier Beach east of the Pier for approximately 400 feet,
or as designated by signs. (8/23/04)
12. Removal or destruction of any buildings, facilities, flora, or fauna is not permitted
in order to preserve the environmental integrity of the park. (9/3/97)
13. No hunting and no firearms allowed in the park. (prior to '81)
14. Scuba diving is restricted to areas not within the main beach area, i.e. restricted
ffrules 1/28/08
to areas outside the main beach and signs will be erected on either side of the
main beach stating that no scuba diving is allowed between these points. (6/16/83)
15. Early entry into the park for the purpose of reserving a table is not permitted
16. Commercial activities, such as selling merchandise and providing guided tours or
instructional courses where participants pay a fee for the services, are prohibited
from the Park without prior approval of the Town Council. (8/23/04)

1. Persons meeting Town residency requirements or property owners, except
organizations and corporations, are entitled to a season permit for $20.00 issued to
them and their immediate family which means an individual, husband and/or wife
and their blood relations that are residing in the same household. This includes a
ward, foster child, or stepchild. (9/3/97), (9/26/05)
2. Kittery resident senior citizens (persons 62 years of age or older) may obtain one
season permit for their own vehicle at a charge of $5.00. (5/29/91), (9/3/97)
3. Those persons not qualifying under No. 1 above may obtain at the Kittery Municipal
Building or Fort Foster gate a season permit for $50.00 per year.
(9/3/97) (12/20/99), (9/26/05), (1/28/08)
4. A charge of $5.00 shall be made for a duplicate resident, or resident senior citizen
(62 years of age or older), or 100% disabled American veteran vehicle sticker.
(4/2/84) Receipt of original permit purchase required.
5. When an individual or family member goes to the Kittery Municipal Building to
purchase a Fort Foster season permit, they must present the registration for the
vehicle to which the sticker is to be attached. Pass cards may be issued at .50 each
to any member of the immediate family with their full name and sticker number on
that card. This pass allows entry only for the individual owner of the card. Vehicles
may not enter the park using a pass card. (9/3/97), (9/26/05)
6. One and only one day pass may be used for credit towards the purchase of a
resident or resident senior citizen (62 years of age or older) season permit.
Amounts exceeding the cost of the permit will not be refunded and may not be
applied towards the purchase of duplicates. (9/3/97)
7. All vehicle season stickers must be affixed no higher than four (4) inches from the
bottom line of the driver's side of the windshield. (9/3/97), (9/26/05)
8. Vehicles with a capacity of more than 15 passengers can not obtain a season
permit and must pay the regular day pass rates. (9/3/97)
9. Disabled American Veterans who are 100% disabled may obtain at the Kittery
Municipal Building one free season permit for his/her own personal vehicle free of
charge upon presentation of a Federally issued 100% Disabled Veteran
Identification Card or a Veterans Administration Awards Letter of Entitlement
stating 100% disability.

1. Motor Vehicle Day Pass - $10.00 (includes pass for vehicle and occupants);
2. Permanently Disabled American Veterans are allowed to receive a free Motor
Vehicle Day Pass upon presentation of a Federally issued 100% Disabled Veteran
ffrules 1/28/08
Identification Card or a Veterans Administration Awards Letter of Entitlement
stating 100% disability.
3. Bus Day Pass - $100.00; (4/24/00)
4. Student School Bus Day Pass with adult chaperone(s) - $50.00. (4/24/00)
5. Day-use visitor walk-ins or bike-ins shall pay $5.00 per adult and $1.00 per child
under twelve years of age. (12/20/99) (4/24/00)

1. General
a. The maximum number permitted in any group is one hundred (100) people.
(6/9/97), (9/3/97)
b. The pavilions are the only areas of the park which may be reserved for group
use except for special events made by application and approved by the Town
Council. (6/27/05)
c. Reservations are limited to one group for the season.
d. All groups reserving the pavilion area must leave the area in as good condition
as it was found or be prohibited from using the facility in the future.
e. All trash must be removed by the group using the pavilion. Waste receptacles
will not be provided by the Town. (5/29/91)
f. All groups using the pavilion must leave the area by 7:00 p.m. (5/29/91)
2. Reservation applications are accepted as follows:
(5/29/91), (9/3/97), (9/26/05)
a. Reservation forms are available from the Recreation Director, P.O. Box 808,
Kittery, Maine 03904, phone 207-439-3800, and checks should be made
payable to the Town of Kittery. Forms must be completed and payment made
prior to finalizing of the reservation date. (9/3/97)
b. January 1 - April 15 Reservations accepted from any Kittery group on a first
come, first serve basis.
c. April 16-September 23. Any group or non-profit organizations. (9/3/97)
d. Each group or organization must provide two (2) 2' x 2' signs saying:
These signs should be posted by the group at the intersection of the Pier Road
and the Pavilion Road and one at the Pavilion.
3. Tower Pavilion Reservation Fees: (5/12/86)
a. The reservation fee assures the group or organization that the pavilion will be
reserved for their use. Payment of the pavilion fee does not include the park
entrance fee, which will be collected at the gate. (9/3/97)
b. Groups must pay the following fee rates: (6/9/97), (9/3/97)
1. Small pavilion, group 35 or fewer people, $50.00 (9/26/05
2. Tower pavilion, group 50 or fewer people $100.00 (9/26/05)
3. Tower pavilion, group 51-100 people $150.00 (9/26/05
4. Cancellations will be charged a $50.00 service fee. (6/3/97), (9/26/05)
ffrules 1/28/08
4. Pavilion Use By Kittery Non-Profit Organizations (9/3/97)
a. Kittery based civic, social, or non-profit organizations like scouts, fire
department, Traip class reunions or church groups will be allowed into the
park for one day per season free of charges provided: (9/3/97)
(1.) The reservation is made for weekends in May or September and
weekdays from Memorial Day through Labor Day; (9/3/97)
(2.) The head of the Kittery group or non-profit organization must submit
a completed written application in order to reserve the pavilion and
have free entrance to the park. The application must give the desired
reservation date; alphabetized list of the names and number of people of
the group; the individual responsible for the group; and be submitted at
least 7 days prior to the anticipated function date, otherwise gate fees
will apply. (9/3/97)
(3.) The Recreation Director will issue a written response and confirmation
to the head of the organization. (9/3/97)
(4.) Traip Class Reunions must be celebrating their 10th, 20th, 25th, or 50
anniversary, for other anniversary years regular charges are required.
(5.) Except for item 4.a, above all appropriate fees shall be assessed.

F. SPECIAL EVENTS (6/27/2005)
1. The Park may be used for special events such as the annual Isles of Shoals
Race, scout camporees, special Town or School uses, or other activities upon
approval of the Town Council. Application for special events should be made
through the Recreation Department, and the Recreation Director will then
forward the request to the Town Manager. The Town Manager should request
the recommendations of the Parks Commission, Recreation Department, Public
Works Department, and may wish to include input from others, i.e., Police and
Fire Departments. The Town Manager’s report or recommendation will be
submitted to the Town Council for their consideration and determinations.
2. Fees may be charged for special events to cover the costs of Town employees
providing services in association with the event (e.g., opening a gate early). The
Commissioner of Public Works will estimate the costs associated with the event
and forward these to the Town Manager (with a copy to the Parks Commission)
for inclusion with the Commission’s recommendation concerning the event.
The Town Manager will then issue a decision in writing to the applying group.
3. All special events must be compatible with the mission of the Park. (8/23/04)
ffrules 1/28/08

Town residency requirements: Proof of residency can be satisfied by one or more of the
following showing a Kittery address:
Maine drivers license
State of Maine ID
Maine vehicle registration
Utility bill
Piece of mail
Personal check
Rent or lease agreement
Buyers order for a new home
Being a registered voter in Kittery.
Season Permit: Includes a sticker, which allows entrance to Fort Foster for the current
season, to be affixed to the windshield or your vehicle and includes a walk-in pass for each
member of the immediate family identified as an individual, husband and/or wife and their
blood relations who are residing in the same household, which includes a ward, foster child,
or step-child. (9/3/97)

Approved as amended 6/9/97
Approved as amended 9/3/97
Approved as amended 12/20/99
Approved as amended 4/24/00
Approved as amended 5/29/02
Approved as amended 8/23/04
Approved as amended 6/27/05
Approved as amended 9/26/05
Approved as amended 1/28/08
Approved as amended 4/14/08

ffrules 1/28/08