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Town of Kittery Maine
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Town of Kittery Maine

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Personnel Board
Contact TypeContact Information
200 Rogers Road
Kittery, ME 03904
Monday - Thursday
8:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Board Members
Term of Office
Phone (207)
Duties & Responsibilities

Chapter 2.20.030 -B

Personnel Board Established--Composition--Qualifications, Terms, Removal, Compensation of Members--Filling of Vacancies--Duties Generally. A personnel board is established, consisting of five members appointed by the town council. No member of the board shall be employed by the town, nor hold or be a candidate for any elective office. Each member of the board shall serve a term of three years; provided, however, that of the members originally appointed, one shall serve for a term of one year, two for a term of two years, and two for a term of three years. All terms expire on the same date in their respective years. Members serve conditioned only upon good behavior and may be removed for cause after notice and hearing. However, no member of the personnel board may serve for more than two consecutive three-year terms. Vacancies occurring during a term are filled by the town council for the balance of the term. Members of the board serve without compensation, but funds will be provided for reasonable and necessary expenses. The board elects its own chairperson. In addition to the duties set forth elsewhere in this chapter, the board shall:
                1. Advise the town manager on matters of personnel policy and problems of personnel administration, including the development of personnel rules, a job classification plan, and a uniform pay plan;
                2. Represent the public interest in the improvement of personnel administration in the town service;
                3. Make any inquiry which it may consider desirable concerning personnel administration in the town service, and make advisory recommendations to the town manager, with respect thereto.
       C.      Personnel Board Responsible for Hearing Grievances. The personnel board is responsible for hearing grievances involving employees covered by this chapter in the manner and under the provisions specified by this chapter.
       D.     Opinions and Decisions of Personnel Board. All opinions and decisions issued by the personnel board are advisory in nature and are issued to the town manager and to the employee(s) requesting the grievance hearing or separation/demotion hearing.
       E.      Function of Personnel Board Generally. It is not the personnel board's function to exclusively represent the interests of the employee or the employer; it is the board's function to fairly and impartially represent the interests of both parties and to clearly and continually work for the development of mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation between the parties. (Ord 3-00 (part): prior code ยง 91/2-3)


Town of Kittery 200 Rogers Rd Ext., Kittery, Maine 03904
(207) 439-0452 Fax: (207) 439-6806
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