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Town of Kittery Maine
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Town of Kittery Maine

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Parks Commission
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Duties & Responsibilities

2.13.010.  Purpose.
2.13.020.  Duties.
2.13.030.  Powers.
2.13.040.  Membership.

2.13.010. Purpose.
The town council may appoint a parks commission to provide ongoing citizen recommendations relating to the improvements or development of town-owned property that is or is likely to be developed into town parks to insure the preservation, beauty and protection of these most valuable sites. (Ord. 7-99 (part))

2.13.020. Duties.
The commission shall:
A. Recommend to the town council an overall park management plan for the identification, protection, development or use of park lands and facilities;
B. Meet with the town manager to review and advise, at least twice a year, on the status and progress of the park management plan and other pertinent issues;
C. Coordinate its activities with those of the park, recreation, school and conservation bodies organized for similar purposes;
D.Keep records of commission finances and activities, post agendas and minutes of meetings and make an annual report to the municipality;
E.Assure that any recommended changes affecting municipal park properties are made in conjunction with the conservation commission;
F. Formulate a commission budget to be presented to the town council for approval. (Ord. 7-99 (part))

The commission may:
A.Make recommendations for use of the parks and park facilities to the town manager and/or the planning board;
B. Prepare and print books, maps and plans as it deems necessary;
C.  With the approval of the majority of the town council, apply for grants or receive gifts in the municipality’s name for any of the commission’s purposes and to administer these grants or gifts for those stated purposes, as specified by the terms of the grant or gift consistent with all appropriate state statutes;
D. Make recommendations to the town council for revisions to the park fee policy and rate schedules. (Ord. 7-99 (part))

2.13.040. Membership.
A The commission consists of seven members, qualified under Section 2.07(2) of the town charter, who have demonstrated an interest in the town parks and facilities. Members shall initially be appointed for terms of one, two and three years, such that the terms of approximately one third of the members will expire each year. Their successors will be appointed for terms of three years each.
B. The commission may recommend to the municipal officers that associate members be appointed to assist the commission, as the commission requires. Associate members are nonvoting members except when a quorum is absent. Their terms of office shall be for one, two or three years. Associate members shall be selected from the qualified resident voters of the town. (Ord. 7-99 (part))


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