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Kittery Energy Committee
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Energy Committee Members

Kittery Energy Advisory Committee

The Kittery Energy Advisory Committee  (KEAC) is an approved Town Council advisory committee  to the Town Manager. It is charged with advising the Town Manager and Council on energy programs, projects, and policies, which through conservation and alternative energy use, work to achieving to reduce Kittery’s reliance on fossil fuels. KEAC, an outgrowth of a smaller Town Council energy committee, allows wider community invovlement  and reflects growing community interest in energy conservation issues.


KEAC Refocus Meeting
Monday, October 20, 2008 at 7:00pm
Kittery Town Hall Council Chambers

Hello Energy Efficiency Enthusiasts,
I would like to appeal to all who recieve this email to please consider participating in the Kittery Energy Committee -- we have made some incredible accomplishments in the last 6 months -- but recently we have experienced a real dropp-off in participation.
We need you to remake our towns approach to energy and we cant do it alone.  Please consider helping your community use energy more responsibly and creatively.  These changes can not be accomplished by just a few residents!
The KEAC had many successes, but the momentum had slowed and participation slipped. Members present shared a similar sentiment and the consensus was to get the subcommittees back working on assignments and use the next meeting for outcomes and action items needed to move things forward. 
A meeting was called for October 20th as a refocus Meeting of all interestd parties of the KEAC (7pm town hall) – in an effort to re-energize the KEAC. 
Please mark your calendars!
Use the links at the top of this page to view the minutes of our last meeting (the last few meetings have been the same few very active members!) Please update yourself on what we are working towards and join us on the 20th!

-Sarah Brown

Committee’s Goal: Reduce  energy consumption and develop more sustainable energy practices in the Town of Kittery.

Objectives:  Develop and recommend alternative energy and conservation guidelines, policies, programs, and projects that will assist  the Town of Kittery in developing sustainable practices  and reducing energy consumption  in accordance with the US. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement  (Appendix 1), adopted by the Town Council on  January 28, 2008, other State and Federal  energy programs, and related initiatives.

Committee Governance:  KEAC consists of community members, commited to the goals of energy conservation and sustainability and an Executive Sub-Committee. Drawn from the larger group, the Executive Sub-Committee  includes with 5 to 6 members, designated by the town manager and a Town Council liaision. The Executive Sub-Committee reports the larger committee’s findings and recommendations to the Town Manager, who in turn periodically reports on KEAC’s efforts to the Town Council for their deliberation. Further, the Executive Sub-Committee annually prepares a work plan for the Town Council, which includes  action steps and associated costs to achieve conmittee goals.

Development of an Annual Fiscal Year Work Plan and Budget:  KEAC will prepare a work plan each year, which will be presented by the Executive Sub-Committee to the Town Manager and then to the Town Council at the Council’s first meeting in February.  The work plan or its components  and the associated costs will then be evaluated for inclusion in the Town budget for the coming year.

Membership: To seek the broadest input from Kittery citizens, members of Town Committees,  and Town employees commited to the committee’s goals, membership in KEAC is open. Terms for community members are one year and may be renewed annually; terms for executive sub-committee members are two years and may be renewed.  Prospective members must complete an application, providing contact information and areas of interest and expertise. Members must attend a minimum 3 KEAC meetings during the year to remain active members. Members who do not meet this minimum may not be considered for another term by the Town Manager with counsel from the Executive Sub-Committee. Annual renewal of membership is required through filing a membership renewal application with the Town Manager’s Office. Membership enrollment will be filed and updated with the Town Clerk on a quarterly basis.

Kittery Save$ Subcommittees
Policy changes/ordinances        
- Building energy efficiency standards
- Ordinances to allow for residential/commercial/municipal wind, solar no idling policy (including signs at bridges)
Jon Discher (Chair)
Sarah Brown

Reducing Energy Use/Costs
- School energy use inventory
- Biofuels
- Improved recycling
Charlie Case (Chair)
Charlie Simpson
Jeff Clifford
Nancy Farron
Diana McNabb

Education (public awareness and school programs)
- Website, updated community awareness, education on energy issues
- School based curriculum – Clean Air Zone, MEEP
- School garden
- No idling: schools, bridges and localities
- Regular column in Kittery Quarterly
- Safe routes to school grant money, sidewalks, walking/biking programs
Sarah Brown (Chair)
Beth Gilbert
Lyn Rosoff
Melissa Paly
Louise Hirshberg
Martha Petersen
Lee Perkins

- Fuel cooperative (oil, biofuels, wood)
- Wholesale pass electric cooperative
- Green electricity
- CFL program
- Home energy audits
Kelsey Woodward (Chair)
Meredith Sudborough
Louise Hirshberg

- Solar/geothermal for fire station
- Wind for Mitchell
- Support for wind turbine at transfer station
- Tidal at Crocket Neck, Chauncey Creek, Thompson at Spruce Creek
- Solar for schools ($ available for this)
- Wholesale pass thru electric as new system
David Greer (Chair)
Sarah Brown
Nancy Farron
Melissa Paly
Charlie Simpson
Charlie Case

- Municipal vehicles fuel efficiency, no idling, biodiesel
- School buses, efficiency, biofuels, cleaner tailpipes, efficient routes
- Safe routes to school, walking, biking
- Electric car

- Organics for landscaping, no pesticides

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